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Latisha Carey is a first time children's book author. Her book is a tool she hopes will be used to inspire and inform children and adults from all cultural backgrounds, especially the African American community. Latisha also desires to motivate the masses to dream their dreams and never give up. She believes that we should never stop dreaming.

Royal - A Divine Design... Dream Your Dreams and Push Through is about a boy named Royal who experiences challenges in the form of criticism, rejection, and physical limitations that should have caused him to quit on life. Instead, he decided that he will embrace his uniqueness and dream to inspire others.

Join Royal on his journey so that you too might feel inspired to face your challenges, dream your dreams and push through!

About the Book

Chevy, The Perfect Pet is a heart-warming and hilarious story of a young German shepherd named Chevy. Chevy's family, the Joneses, are so proud of him because in their opinion, he's perfect. But the neighbors aren't so convinced. Someone is digging up their plants and sneaking into their backyards wreaking havoc!

Join in on the fun to see all of the mischievous things Chevy does throughout the neighborhood and at home.


Chevy, The Perfect Pet is a fun story for people of all ages.

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