• Jill O. Patrick

You Should GOGH

It is not uncommon for me to hear the term "Carolina Blue" a few times each year. The term refers to a shade of blue typically associated with The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This term can easily come to mind when riding through or on the long winding roads and hills of North Carolina.

Whether it be a bountiful group of clouds, deep shaded green trees or calm bodies of water on the left or right side of a road, there is a sense of repose especially when the day is bright and the sun is beaming on my skin from a distant but visible Carolina Blue sky.

Recently, myself, along with friends Marion Wall-Dixon and Sheila Vines, had an amazing time in Charlotte, North Carolina. We had purchased our tickets a few weeks in advance for MICHELANGELO'S SISTINE CHAPEL EXHIBITION and the Immersive Van GOGH Exhibit.

Our first stop was MICHELANGELO'S SISTINE CHAPEL EXHIBITION. Having yearned for years to view the masterpiece of Michelangelo's fresco original paintings in the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, I was beyond ecstatic for the chance to attend this extraordinary exhibition.

After all these years, I could never have imaged replicated panels of the famed Sistine Chapel, housed in the same complex where the Pope resides, would one day come close enough for me to visually examine in detail this masterpiece of a bygone era. It was impressive to see the massive displays and to read the history behind each panel. I felt a connection to this exhibition and an authentic appreciation for those persons responsible for bringing this experience to fruition.

Having carefully arranged our itinerary, we included ample time to view and contemplate to what our senses had been exposed. We followed these visual gems with a trip to the Romare Bearden Park. Imagine if you will, the rush of emotions as we walked, talked and swelled with pride, knowing Mr. Bearden, born in Charlotte, North Carolina in 1991 and rose to be one of the most well-known African American artists of the 20th Century and the resultant legacy of his life.

As our day continued to hurriedly move forward, we longed to sample the cuisine of the area. We found ourselves at Mert's Heart & Soul Restaurant where we reflected upon the feast our senses had recently enjoyed.

There was an additional treat which we would not have dared to miss, the Immersive Van GOGH Exhibit. Not wanting to exclude ourselves from any of the experiences of this exhibition we also purchased the premium-flex package which afforded us to opportunity to become completed immersed in the world of the artist, Vincent van Gogh.

Over the years, having spent a fair amount of time learning of Van Gogh's famous painting, Starry Night, and his many self-portraits, it was surprising and refreshing to see all of the sunflowers and other interesting and immersive elements surrounding the historic Ford building at Camp North End. This is where the Immersive Van GOGH Exhibit is on display. During his lifetime (1853-1890), Vincent van Gogh created a series of sunflower still-life paintings. It was a great theme especially during this time of harvest in the state.

The visits to the exhibits were planned as a belated birthday gift to Marion (in the white shirt) and a highly anticipated day for this small group of art lovers. The three of us had a wonderful day in Charlotte. It is a great place to visit.

So, depending upon where you are or where the wandering roads might lead, if the opportunity presents itself, you too should GOGH.


FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE EXHIBITS: Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition https://feverup.com/m/97013 is on tour until July 31, 2021. The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit https://vangoghclt.com will remain on tour in the Queen City until September 12, 2021.

Take care,