• Quancidine Gribble

Women's History Month

WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH allows us another opportunity to reflect and share our thoughts, memories and inspirations of women we have admired from both near and far. Recently, Quancidine Gribble, a former college mate and dear friend wrote a post on Facebook in celebration and honor of WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH. As I read what she had written, I felt a sense of pride and energized, later asking if I could share her words in a blog.

A woman who knows where she's headed, with each step Quancidine remains focused, committed and true to herself simultaneuosly encouraging and supporting others along the way. Honest and bold, Quancidine carries herself with a sufficient amount of flair as seen in the TikTok video below. With each motion she glides with her head held high, stopping momentarily to smell the gorgeous pink trees, inhaling breaths of fresh air-- savoring the moment, the day, bit by bit.

Quancidine's blog begins here: #HappyWomensHistoryMonth, This is our season! How do I know this? Everything pertaining to "Uplifting Self" and other Women is working. Saturday, March 13, 2021 was "SuperFantastic". I was able to select and honor a Female Veteran and Friend who has volunteered over 1000 hours in our community. Mrs. Jill Patrick was the honoree and is now sowing her efforts into more "Volunteering" in helping more children in staying "Warm & Happy" through giving them socks. What a blessing! My other guest on Saturday, Val Jones is educating us through her "Magical" videos on FB and TIK TOK. I have been "Inspired" to put my words into even more action through an "EPIPHANY" that I have experienced through "SELF Love". I do believe that by encouraging yourself you can encourage others. It has to work for "SELF" First before we will know that it is working. It all goes back to my post last Saturday, "THEORY and PRACTICAL" and since this is my way of life, my products will become a household name. You will "LOVE" them because you will become "Beautiful" from the "INSIDE" "OUT". We are riding this wave of manifestation and nothing is going to stop us.


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