• Jill O. Patrick

Goodbye May, Hello June

Each day this past May, along with lots of rain and sunshine, there has been quite a bit taking place. From personal matters to those affecting our world and nation, life has felt like an emotional rollercoaster, lots of ups and down, sudden twists and turns.

During late April/early May, there was a new project I took part in called She Is Me. When She Is Me first began weeks ago, daily posts were put on my social media pages in hopes of inspiring, motivation, uplifting and encouraging others.

An image with either a quote, verse from a song, affirmation or scripture were placed along side a picture as shown below. Finding relevant images to support the wording was an interesting and fun task, during this period where so much time is now spent at home and many of us are finding creative ways to spend our time.

On the days when the posts were made; and thereafter, many people expressed interest and appreciation by sharing, liking and/or commenting on the posts. Creating the She Is Me logo, and working on this endeavor, helped me to focus on other things during Mental Health Awareness Month.

Morning walks with a friend, completing an online course, writing, organizing, cooking, baking and completing the reading of BECOMING by Michelle Obama, were just a few of the hightlights in May.

As I now sit reflecting on the month of May, from mourning, marches and Mother's Day, books, peach tea, photography, fried rice and thick slices of 7UP cake, with a grateful heart, goodbye May, you've been good.

Hello June... welcome to the neighborhood. Take good care of yourself,