• Jill O. Patrick

Earth, Wind & Music

It is April 2020 and the world is in the middle of the Coronavirus and a semi-quarantine. The world as we know it is different. In this moment, our ways of doing things and living our daily lives are not the same. People are spending more time in their homes, creating what some might call "a new normal." Many days I sit checking email and working in my virtual office "kitchen," at my new desk "the kitchen counter," while my husband's music seeps through the garage door. I am again reminded that he really has great taste in music. Over the years he has compiled USB flash drives full of diverse music for us, family members and friends.

I often feel like I'm eavesdropping because I want to block it out, to stay focused on whatever task I'm working on; yet, at the same time I want to run out with my Shazam app and capture the music's information. Okay, on some days, I can't help it. After opening the Shazam app the other day, I leaned over the threshold for a few songs recently playing and took a couple screenshots of the songs I Shazamed. Most of the songs I overheard are very good, sung by great musical artists past and present. If you're unfamiliar with the following artists, I'm sure YouTube would be a great place to check them out (Boyz II Men, Donny Hathaway, Kenny G,, Kenny Rogers, Monica, Luther Vandross) just to name a few. Don't you agree that these artists are very talented?

The continuous selection of music is great, the wind blowing outside is nice, chili and cornbread with a bottle of water is delicious. At this very moment, I'm good.

In the weeks since learning of COVID-19 or the CORONAVIRUS as it is probably more known, I am finding comfortable ways to share my thoughts and feelings, while relying on faith and not fear to guide me through each day.

The other day I went outside to try and capture the sound of the wind, which seemed to subside once I stepped outdoors. I still found music in the breeze and in the trees. As I took in fresh breaths of air circulating outdoors, I decided to video tape the sounds coming from the wind and the trees. Ahhhh.

Yesterday morning when I woke up it was raining. After the rain stopped, I decided to go outside to take pictures of flowers and plants in the front and back yard. My husband has a green thumb, which is a term often used to describe a person who knows how to take care of plants (or flowers) well. It was such a pleasant way to spend a few moments out of a brand new day. Roses and various plants, so delightful.

With schools, churches, and many other places of business, leisure and entertainment shut down for the time, and the daily news providing us with more and more information, I will continue to stay focused on what I can control. I will stay in tune with the earth, the wind and the music. Living in the moment and finding comfort and delight in ordinary things can make a world of difference. Take care of yourself,