• Jill O. Patrick

A Surprise Ending to an Amazing Race

This past Mother's Day weekend was wonderful. It really was. It was great. On Friday, May 6, 2022, I along with several lovely ladies donned our purple attire to attend an opening performance of a stage play version of The Color Purple. Myself, along with the other ladies, each gave rave reviews. The actors and actresses sang, danced and changed props with barely a notice to me.

In attendance with our group, was one of my cousins who had come to town. After the show, she and I had "a sistercousin sleepover". Our very nice evening was soft and quiet. She drank a warm cup of tea, I smelled my new candle, we smiled, talked and laughed while taking selfies, and did our best to find something of interest on the television. Soon, it was very early morning when we said our goodnights or shall I say "good-morning“ as we parted ways for sleep.

As we greeted one another on Saturday, we agreed a nice morning walk would be refreshing. Nevertheless, as time began to pass us by more quickly than anticipated, breakfast would eventually turn into brunch, and our stroll was now spent running errands as we waited for a text to inform us it was our turn. Our meals were delicious.

Over the course of the morning I shared with my cousin an invitation in my email for an event later that afternoon. To the both of us, it sounded as if it was going to be an interesting event. We registered, returned home, rested as the rain came down almost fiercely. The pounding of the rain gave way to naps and some moping around as the drops continued to make the once sunny day seem prematurely heavy and gloomy.

By phone I was told the event would still take place.

In the email was mention of the Kent Kentucky Derby and what time the race would be run. Personally, I could not ever recall watching any of the Kentucky Derby races, on this day would be the 148th. From what knowledge I did have was people dressed in their finest and that if ever there was an occasion to do so, this was the time to wear my fascinator hat. Oh yes, I have one of those.

Once my cousin and I arrived, we were greeted with great hospitality by the hosts and their guests and went on to walking up and down the beautiful staircase. We were posing for pictures and preparing ourselves, as were the other guests, for what most knew would be an amazing race. Unbeknownst to me any details of the race, including names of any jockeys, horses nor owners. I had little connection to the Kentucky Derby that day. I knew that it was indeed a big deal, involved horses and that many women looked classy in their big, fancy hats.

Don't we just love a good fashion statement? It was fun wearing my hat and flattering to receive several compliments.

With the race about about a week ago past, like many others, I have become slightly obsessed with the winning horse, Rich Strike, and the talent of the jockey, Sonny León both first time participants in the Kentucky Derby. The odds for this collaboration to take the prize was stacked against them 80-1.

After watching this amazing race (below), you too might be thrilled at the speed and strategic maneuvering and galloping which led to this unexpected stunning victory.

I too am looking forward with hope and anticipation, moving along at my own steady pace while running my own amazing race.

I wish you all the best,