• Jill O. Patrick

Matters of the Art

On Sunday morning when I was at church, I noticed that I was not feeling well, it kinda just came out of nowhere. I began to feel somewhat concerned about myself and my health, but I went on about my day thinking about it, but not really knowing for sure what was causing me to feel uncomfortable.

After church I took something for a headache, had a quick bite to eat and went on about a busy afternoon. After being out for a few hours, I ended up going to bed fairly early in the evening. Around 3:30 AM Monday morning, Darryl took me to the emergency room.

After lots of tests and blood work, the hospital staff basically told me that I was having flu like symptoms but I did not have the flu. They gave me the appropriate medications and I came home to get some rest. I was grateful that I trusted my instincts and went to get checked out.

Last July, my dear friend, Mrs. Brenda Joyce Johnson, who is the author of the book, Get Noticed!: Insider Secrets to a Confident & Classy Image and also a life coach and just an all-around awesome woman to know, asked me to do a webinar. Together we came up with the topic, "Take Good Care of Yourself: Understanding arts many benefits as it relates to our health and overall well-being."

This is the cover of the PowerPoint presentation I presented to the group.

Brenda helped me prepare my PowerPoint presentation and I would go on to share it with the other women who are apart of the Get Noticed Network (GNN). Although I was very nervous throughout the webinar, the ladies said I did a good job.

As most people who know me know, by profession, I am an elementary school art teacher. I am always being given artwork by the children who want to express their feelings and or gratitude.

Nonetheless, this blog is not about children, it's about us adults. As I described in my presentation, there are countless health benefits for adults linked to art. There are so many things we can do to incorporate art into our lifestyles with little or no money, from the comforts of our very own homes (or in group settings as well) including:

* Coloring pages and books for adults

* Explore Zantangle or learn the art of doodling

* Make/create art with family and friends

* Joining an art group

* Learn to create your own flyers, posters, etc. in canva. com

* Take an art class

* Create a vision board

* Visit a local craft or art supply store for fun, inexpensive

and creative art projects and ideas

* Join your local arts council, museum or attend/ volunteer to assist with community events -- just to name a few ideas.

I hope this helps someone. As the month of March is Women's History Month, let us (women and men) take time to sit back, relax and make creating art a daily, weekly or monthly part of our lives. After all....isn't it time for us to relax? Ahhhhh!!!!!

Take good care of yourself and have an amazing day!

Love ya,