• Jill O. Patrick

O Holy Night

Just slightly past 1:30 A.M. this Christmas morning, I am awake. I am awake, I am grateful, I feel blessed to see another Christmas day.

I am up very early as I did when I was a child all those years ago. Last night like many before seemed a typical night. I fell asleep tired and easily.

There is no particular reason why I titled this blog O Holy Night considering it is now morning. No reason that I can think of other than I love the sound and feel of those words. The darkness of the outdoors does seem to share a slight impact on the mood and indoor climate.

Or perhaps "O Holy Night" was one of the melodies that were playing as I got up out of bed to turn off the holiday instrumental music that had played throughout the night. I've never been one to really sleep all that soundly with noises playing in the background.

As I moved quietly through different rooms, I am very much enjoying the many lights I intentionally left on over night. I have spent the past few minutes enjoying the warmth of my home as some of the colored lights seem to flicker even though some are not all that

​My husband and the dog are both quiet in their respective beds. Not even the occasional rattling of the ice maker seems to defy the stillness and holiness of today’s symbolic meaning. if only at this immediate period of time.

As I now sit, reflecting on some of the events that have transpired this year, I first remember the passing of our Mother. This is the first time in my life that she has not been present at or on Christmas. Although, I miss her very much, I still feel her presence in my heart and even in my hands, gifts I hope to hold on to forever.

A writer herself, Mama had provided me with a sense of comfort. She had instilled in me certain qualities that I am proud to possess: faith, a sense of humor, kindness and firmness in personality. She also instilled a sense of knowing how and when to act, sometimes in the stillness of the early morning hours.

At the core of it all, it is indeed a holy night, a holy morning and a beautiful time to pause and remember the reason for the season. It is my desire to listen to the silence that surrounds me and to find peace, joy and comfort in all that is good and all that is well. My hope is that we delight in the love that surrounds us throughout those moments that bring hope into our sight.

As I sit contently enjoying the moment that I am in, I wish you a lovely holiday season, as many of us take today (and possibly tonight) to celebrate our own individual reason for this beautiful holiday season.

Wherever you are, whatever you do, let it make you feel happy and proud to simply be you!

Take good care of yourself.