• Jill O. Patrick

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

I was somewhat surprised when I logged onto my Facebook account today and saw a sweet memory from one year ago today.

There were pictures to remind me of how people had come from near and far to attend the book signing for my children's book, Chevy, The Perfect Pet.

Leading up to the event, I had been quite emotional. There were people that I had hoped would have been able to attend, that were not going to be there.

This event that I had envisioned and planned for so excitedly, was not offering the joy I felt it should.

The night before the book signing I got a unexpected surprise. Two of my friends that I have known since we were teenagers, Cenella Lowe and Sabrena Donaldson, had showed up to join us for the book signing.

The book signing was held at City Center Gallery & Books. Mrs. Diane Parfitt, the owner, later shared that I had been one of the top authors in sales there at that time.

It was a great event. Thanks to everyone, even those who could not be there, for your support over the past year. I especially want to thank my husband, Darryl, for supporting my dreams and for showing up at my events. I love you BIG GUY!!!💖😘

It is possible that one year from today, we look back and think on not all that has gone wrong, but how much fun we've had, the unexpected surprises we've receive, those happy and joyous moments that have occurred as time passes us by.

Take good care of yourself,