• Jill O. Patrick

It's A Beautiful Day!

It is indeed a beautiful day! After getting out of bed this morning, I freshened up (a little) and joined my husband, Darryl, and our German shepherd, Chevy, in the front yard.

Darryl was washing the car, as Chevy sat idly by through the warmth of the summer sun.

"You can move over here" Darryl said, motioning me to come over a little bit out of the sun. "It feels good!" I replied.

After talking and listening for a while, I soon returned inside to get ready for an 11:00 o'clock get together with our former neighbor Andrea.

Before I left home, I felt good. I asked Darryl if he would take some pictures of me in the front yard, and Chevy too.

I easily realized that today was going to be a great day. A beautiful day of my choosing.

After I visited with Andrea and Dante (her four-year old) and ran a few errands, I grabbed Darryl and myself some lunch and came on home.

Once I arrived and as I backed into the driveway, I saw some paratroopers jumping out of an airplane high in the distance above and behind our neighbor's house. Something I have seen many times before. However, each time feels like the first time.

I quickly jumped out of the car, grabbed my cell phone and my camera and began snapping, not sure if any of the soldiers with their open canopies could be seen in the marvelous blue sky.

This day is going just great I thought to myself.

A delightful day I am so happy to have seen, not only the beauty of the sky, but in the many people, places and things today I have passed by.

In life, it's not always major events or celebrations that help us to reflect or to be grateful. Sometimes happiness is found in reconnecting with an old friend or neighbor or even running into Michael's to grab some art supplies.

Have a beautiful day, and take good care of yourself.