• Jill O. Patrick

Looking Forward!

Over the past few months, actually years, I’ve been on a journey of discovery. I've dealt with a wide range of emotions, both positive and negative and some pretty AWESOME experiences like being a published children’s book author and teaching art to a lot of really AWESOME! elementary school students.

I have also experienced the loss of my beloved Mother on January 3rd of this year and some classmates too since then. Grief, I've learned is so personal. There's no way to really tell anyone else how to move through the process. Just taking each day moment by moment and being patient with myself is how I feel works best for me.

As I begin writing my first blog, I think the title Looking Forward! feels right.

In May of 2013, our dog Lucky passed away. I was recently reminded of the heartache I experienced after his loss. I still get sentimental at times when I think of Lucky and I still grieve him from time to time.

Lucky had been a part of our family for 12 years. We were so blessed to have such a loyal pet for our family. He had filled so many roles in our lives, especially in mine.

It was shortly thereafter my husband decided that we should get a new dog. Replace Lucky??? No way!!! Lucky could never be replaced. Apparently my pleas fell on deaf ears. Into our lives would come Chevy a short time later a new little puppy. Quickly, it was easy to see that our now really cool, athletic five-year old German shepherd would have none of Lucky's characteristics, especially not his personality.

Later that year, Chevy would become the inspiration behind my first published children's book, Chevy, The Perfect Pet. How cool is that? :-)

With so much to be grateful for, I am indeed looking forward. I am looking forward to new ideas and opportunities. I look forward to those days when my Husband feels great. I am looking forward to the many ways my gifts and talents will make room for me to be creative and helpful towards others.

Recently my co-worker Paul Agor made a video for me and of me. The video has no words, only music. He also took a few pictures of me as well. I love the music. Paul used his time, gifts and talents, and I feel that the video captures the true essence of what it was intended to capture. Me, enjoying being a new children's book author and reflecting on the pride I felt.

One of the pictures Paul took is shown below. I believe the pictures and the video as well shows me in a place of serenity and rest. I feel relaxed in the hot North Carolina sun as I think and reflect on life’s many possibilities.

Photo Courtesty of Paul J. Agor

As I continue this on this journey called life, I look forward to sharing new discoveries and stories that impact and affect my life as I focus my energy and efforts towards Looking Forward!

Take good care of yourself!